IronsphereRPG is under heavy re-development, and while playability may be "stable", it is not beginner friendly.

Well all, I've come to the final conclusion that I will be discontinuing work on Ironsphere RPG for Tribes 2. I've been reminded of the sorrowful state the Tribes 2 community is in. While this mod may be successfull in bringing players back into the game, it won't help as much as everyone would like. A final commit to sourceforge has been made, and the non-SVN version has been uploaded to multiple filehosts. These are able to be accessed in the menu to the right on this page, below the news widget which will probably break soon with Sourceforge Hosted Apps being shut down. There is good news though. I'm instead going to work on a Garrysmod gamemode that features the tribes1/tribes2 rpg mods. I'll be putting a link to it's new site someplace on this sourceforge one. Anyone who is interested in working on it simply email



Still here! Hardly touched Ironsphere in the previous months... but muffins.


One month, and I'm still here, though visibly less involved. This is namely because of school, but also in part to my dedications to other things, such as friends and other hobbies such as music production. I'm right now setting up a music streaming website, in which I'll have music being mixed by me, and the other pbanddjs. We're so far just a bunch of nubs; one producer, a nub with real dj equipment, and a dj with no equipment but experience. Quite a pickle. In any case, that will suffice as a small summary as to where I've been, though I'll be much more active soon to come, for some more fun on Ironsphere.


A tad late, but HERE it is, a guide on how to install the mod! If you need any additional help, please drop shinji144 a message on "XFire", or contact anyone else in the project if possible.


Documentation, and PROPER installation procedures are being created, and should be up on the 10th (at the latest). Welcome Minehem(tester), and DarkDragonDX(coder)


There will be proper documentation on installing the mod on the 8th. Also please note, that currently the mod is not beginner friendly.


This website is currently under heavy construction.
You can view the original website HERE


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